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AIRSCAPES: ATMOSPHERE AS FORM IN ARCHITECTURE, is a book, a work in progress that questions the privileging the notion of stability against other forms of equilibrium in the realm of architecture. Meta-stability, potentiality, heterogeneity and information are the key concepts structuring this book. The argument of legitimation crosses through philosophers such as Gilbert Simondon, Gilles Deleuze and Spinoza as well as the lineage of thinkers that considers matter and technology as creative containers. This project navigates into materialism even if some words eventually would cross over specific phenomenological approaches. A curated list of project will conclude the edition to realized the book’s theory.

Kiel Moe, Sean Lally, Rafael Beneytez, Javier Garcia German, Silvia Benedito, Marie Bardet between other participants will discuss the very  notion of atmosphere in architectural terms.